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Loans And Funds

Loanswali.com is having tie-up with all the leading banks and NBFC's in India. We make sure that our clients get their desired loan amount in time and at lowest rate of interest.

We are giving door step service to our clients for loans. Loanswali team help customers for arranging of the necessary documents for loans. We also guide them through various stages of Loan Process. We help our clients to communicate effectively with the bankers regarding their loan queries. Once the total loan process is completed we make sure that the customer has received their desired loan amount. Thus giving them end to end service.


Fixed Deposit

In todays economic condition the need for urgent money has increased drastically. Now a days their are various investment options available to the customers. But still Fixed Deposit is the best investment product available for all of us. Fixed Deposit is totally risk free with assured returns.

All the Financial Institutes are giving good returns on FD's to attract the customer base.We at Loanswali help the customers to choose the best option based on their short term and long term goals.


Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund is the best way to invest money in share market. Anyone can start investing in Mutual Funds with a minimum amount of Rs 500.

Mutual funds are always Professionally Managed, Diversified, Affortable and has Liquidity. There four categories of Mutual Funds Money market funds, Bond market funds, Stock market funds and Target date funds. At Loanswali.com we help you to select the best possible mutual fund based on your requirements.



Insurance is way to protect ourself from any unseen problem. It not only helps us to be prepared for the worst but also helps us to rebuild ourself in any problem situation.

Insurance are basically of two types Life Insurance and General Insurance. There are many companies in the market who offer various types of Insurance to the customers leaving the customers confused about the product. We at Loanswali.com assist the customers about exactly which Insurance is beneficical for the customer.

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